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To say that my father (a real estate developer himself... and a picky one at that!) recommended Patrick Baratta as an agent was already a huge compliment...and then we met him for ourselves.  We were truly blown away by Patrick's knowledge of the industry and ability to walk into a home and within an instant, point out the most obscure flaws.  We NEVER felt pressured by Patrick to purchase anything. In fact, I'm not sure we ever heard him say anything positive about any of the homes we looked at.  He always let us verbalize our preferences, likes and dislikes, and answered all of our questions with complete ease.  Everything out of his mouth was pure fact and extremely informative.  We truly felt like we were walking into these homes with our own personal building inspector.  During our time with Patrick, we learned about real estate, building codes, construction practices, negotiation tactics, "red flags," and SO much more.  To say he is a wealth of knowledge is an understatement.  We got a complete education while searching for our forever home, and once we found it, we couldn't have been more confident that we made the right decision.  Patrick was by our side every step of the way.  He was always reachable by phone, email, or text, no matter the time of day or how stupid the question was! We could not have asked for a better advocate to guide us through the crazy process of buying a home.  I would recommend Patrick in a heartbeat (and I already have).  He is a true gem, and anyone who has the privilege of working with him will see what I mean. Thank you Patrick!!!!

Registered Neonatal Nurse and Computer Engineer, Tara and Greg



We will be always grateful to Patrick Baratta; he saved us from purchasing a home last year when we fell in love with a property in Ridgewood, it was a bad deal with several problems, a potential money pit. Of course, at that time and being a first-time buyer we did not see those problems, everything looked great to us. Patrick first gently tried to open our eyes explaining the various problems all over the house, and then when he realized that his warnings were not enough he put his foot down and told us not to make an offer for that property. He went against his own interests to save us from a bad deal. Well, as today, that property is still on the market, more than a year and a half later! After having dodged that bullet, we finally found the right property after all this time, and we are now very happy. Patrick has been incredibly supportive and patient during all these months of searching for a home. Patrick was extremely competent and honest, he took the time to explain to us all the steps involved in purchasing a home and what was most important that we would find a home with good bones and resale value. In September, we found our dream home. Cherry on top of the cake. During the final walk through Patrick spotted a defect hidden by personal belongings from the home inspector. Patrick took photos and insisted to our attorney that we receive a credit for the defect at the closing table. $1000 we are still amazed on how Patrick reacted right down to the wire to defend us. We could not believe it! We recommend Patrick to everyone! I strongly believe there is not a better agent out there. Simply amazing, thank you, Patrick Baratta! 

Marta - Fashion Designer 

Patrick Baratta is more than a real estate agent, he is going to become your best friend and one who will fight for you, make phone calls for you, answer your calls after 10pm at night, let alone drive to your house to prepare an offer at 11pm on a Sunday night. I found myself in a bidding war, very tough situation to live with, and Patrick was there preventing me to overshoot my offer while at the same time making a winning offer. He predicted to the last digit the appraisal number, and after the inspection, he advised me to renegotiate the price. At that very time, I was out of the country for business, he took care of everything for me. I asked him to get a price reduction of $3-$5,000 dollars, not more, as I was afraid to lose the property. I still remember I was in Rome when Pat called me two days later and told me that he got us $10,000 price reduction! Patrick is a great strategist when it comes to beating other offers for hot properties. He mentioned we were under contract and were confident we would not lose the home to the other bidders, knowing the appraisal would be the same all around. It was important to him that we understood our options and were satisfied with everything. I am going to put the $10,000 he saved me down to purchase a new car. I would like to add that all the professionals he recommended, such as the mortgage brokers and home inspectors were exceptional and my attorney made comment as well. I am surprised because usually I am never 100% satisfied with anybody working for me but I must tell you that Patrick excelled my best expectations from start to finish. I am proud and honored to recommend Patrick Baratta, a true real estate professional and now my friend forever. 

Simone - Microwave Research Engineer 


Patrick, Thanks to you, we are now settling in and beginning to enjoy our new home and we truly appreciate everything you have done to get us to the point we are at now. We would like to thank you by providing our testimonial based on our experiences working with you and hope that other buyers will connect with you, as we did.

It was during the pandemic that we started to look for our buyer agent. We listed up several candidates using Yelp and other platforms. We had done interviews with all of them, and we decided to work with Patrick because we felt comfortable talking with him during the interview. His knowledge of the business and his testimonials were standing out from all the others. When we started to visit homes with Patrick. he always arranged appointments for us to visit the new listings as soon as they came to market, he responds quickly to our requests  - you will know that he is a responsible hard-working professional when you see his emails responded at 2:00am and late-night conversations. As everyone says - he never pushed us to make a decision moving forward. Instead, he pointed out noticeable issues he found with each home. It was well assuring to know Patrick wanted to educate us on the home buying process and he never once tried to up-sell us on any home we previewed.

It took several months for us to find that perfect home. Patrick always asked us for our feedback so he can be clear on what we are looking for. He just waited for us to comfortably make our decision to moving forward. Patrick mentioned we will know when the right house feels like home. He was right! When our dream home came on the market, Patrick's strategy came into play. He set the appointment to get us in the next morning.  We were in a very good position being the first ones in the door. Patrick's personality easily established a relationship with the listing agent and right before our eyes they both hit it off. It was magical! My family and I loved this home the moment we walked in the door. Patrick advised us to submit the right offer knowing other offers will soon follow, and they did. This was critical especially if you know how the market was competitive at the time with very low inventory. As a result, the seller chose our offer we were able to get into the attorney review phase quickly, even with several other competitive offers the seller received.

During the contract phase, we were helped with Patrick’s advice and referrals for all the professionals and service providers needed to close the deal. I shopped for the service providers by myself, but literally, ended up using all that Patrick had suggested. On the closing day, Patrick, my wife, and I went for the walkthrough and we took a picture together in the front of the house - it was our happy moment! As first-time homebuyers, our experience went extremely smooth and easy. We had a very reliable agent that guided us through the process from the home searching until the closing, and we carefully listened to all of his advice and suggestions.

We are so happy that we were able to buy a home that we truly love, even in an extremely difficult market situation, and sincerely believe without Patrick this would not be achieved. Our experience with Patrick Baratta proved that the testimonials we saw online were true, or in our case, it was even more. Thank you so much Patrick!, You Are The Best!

Yuichiro and Family



I closed on my house in New York and moved to New Jersey all in one day and during our National Covid Pandemic.  The process was not only overwhelming to say the least, but completely something as a full time working mom of three children I thought would be impossible.  There are so many "players" involved in this process, and reliability and trust is hard to find!  I cannot say enough about the professionalism, knowledge, care, and support given by Patrick Baratta throughout the entire process.  It was by chance that we met through the showing of one home I found online.

I knew from the very first meeting with him, that he would be the realtor I would be able to fully trust and rely on as my buying agent. To my complete astonishment, Patrick took me and my children under his wing and took care of EVERYTHING for us. Including: searching for the perfect home for over 7 months, explaining in detail about the deficiencies within the homes, negotiated $29,900 off the list price, talking to lawyers, constant communication with my NY seller's agent, involvement with my inspector, my bank, the seller's agent of my new home and their lawyers, the HOA association and daily communication with me.  To say Patrick went above and beyond his professional responsibilities is an understatement.  Once papers were signed and commissions were paid, he did not stop there.  I got calls and texts to check up on us, and he continues to remain involved even after several months after my closing. 

I will forever be grateful for Patrick and I will not only recommend him for anyone buying/selling a home, I would insist that you use Patrick to see for yourself how people like him actually do exist! My family still talks to and about Patrick, as we consider him a friend.  That is extremely rare these days in any business or organization.  I would be willing to speak with anyone who should have further questions, and can be reached through Patrick. I truly believe my dad in heaven sent you to me and my children. Patrick, thank you for being my special angel. 

Kirsten 1st Grade School Teacher


My husband and I have purchased several properties over the last 30 years and I can say that our experience with Patrick is unequivocally the best!  Purchasing a home whether it is your first or fifth is always stressful.  You are never sure if you are buying a home that is going to be a disaster and anxiety is always high.  This was not the case with Patrick as he looked at each home with a keen eye. Patrick pointed out any liabilities found and what it would entail to fix the problem, including the cost. It was wonderful knowing Patrick was truly looking out for what was in our best interest.
In our situation we were deciding between two houses.  The first was a larger house with no renovations needed but it was on a busy street and not an ideal location.  It was also 50K more than the second property which had an ideal location with some upgrades necessary.  Patrick really discouraged us from buying the first house and warned us we would have trouble selling the house down the road. It was in Patrick's best interest if we purchased the more expensive home.  Need I say more... The combination of Patrick's knowledge of his profession, his knowledge of his former profession as a construction worker, hard work, availability, dedication and honesty makes him superb.

Dr Joseph and Loretta - Oncologist and Homemaker/Housewife


If I was to describe Patrick Baratta in one word, it would be flawless.
When we were struggling to find our first home with several other non-performing realtors, we found Patrick Baratta linked to a home in Wayne and after reading his amazing testimonials and the moment I first spoke to him.  I knew that he was a straight shooter; He wasn’t going to steer us wrong. He has 22 years of construction experience behind him and more than 19 years of real estate experience. We are so fortunate to have him as our realtor.
Choosing him as our real estate agent was the best decision my husband and I could have made. Patrick left no stone unturned while we hunted for our dream home. 
Every walk through was detailed and on point. My phone calls were always his priority number 1, even at 10 pm on a Sunday!
Patrick Baratta was always on our side. He looked out for our best interest first and foremost, as this was our first venture in buying a home. When we found our dream home, Patrick helped us get it at the best price possible, not for his best interest, but for ours. Patrick educated us through the ups and downs of buying a home, cancelled contracts, coordinating home inspections, guiding us with our lawyer, mortgage rep and so many questions answered and so much more. Patrick’s dedication exceeded all our expectations.
We sing your praises every day as we enjoy everything about our new home! We could not have asked for a better real estate agent. We can never thank Patrick enough for assisting us through that intense journey. We keep Patrick Baratta’ s number on speed dial and always will!  You will have a great experience! Just call him! Thanks a million for everything Patrick! 

Ihsan and Aelya and Family. Petroleum Fuels Executive and House Wife



In July of this past year, we were in search for a realtor that was going to be our advocate, not just a broker.  After interviewing multiple agents, we met with Patrick and we knew he was going to be our guy.  We met on 7/24 and by 7/25, we were out seeing available houses.  On 7/27, we did a full day tour of about 10 properties and none of them met our expectations.  On our way back, with our heads hanging low, my wife saw an open house sign in an area that we were not actively searching in.  We walked in and fell in love.  We called Patrick to tell him we would like his opinion and he pulled himself out of his personal engagement and met us within half an hour.
It took nearly three months to close as property had issues that Patrick found and inspectors confirmed.  All the issues had to be addressed accordingly and negotiated, and Patrick was there every step of the way to make sure that we get a fair deal.  He guided us through each step and was available day or night, whenever we had questions or needed his advice. I can’t imagine a better realtor.  If you are in the market, make sure you talk to Patrick before you start your search.

Andy and Minnie, Trade Show Display Sales and Housewife


My husband and I have been SO pleased with Pat from day one of starting out on our first time home buyer process. He has been SO helpful throughout! He has vast experience in the business and is honest with his clients. He wants to ensure that you find the home that is right for you and at the best price possible. He goes above and beyond to make sure that you are the in the right hands and feel comfortable. He spent a full Saturday with us looking at 14 homes! He has been readily available by phone to answer any questions at any time and is very responsive. He calls you back immediately. While we are still going through the closing process at this time, he helped us find a home perfect for both my husband and my needs. We are very excited and very happy. He helped us negotiate a price that was below listing price. He set us up with an Attorney and with a whole team of inspectors. We really cannot say enough good things about Pat. He really is a wonderful real estate agent who cares about his clients and loves his job. He's an agent you can trust. THANK YOU!

Dominic and Aly– Sales and Registered Nurse


My family and I want to thank you Patrick Baratta for everything you did for us in purchasing our home in Paramus. You have conducted yourself with the upmost professionalism throughout the entire process. You were always honest about the conditions of the homes you showed us, you assisted us in negotiating in a competitive market (pre-covid 19) communicating with all parties involved on our behalf. When our offer was accepted with an as-is-sale including an underground oil tank you renegotiated the sales price in our favor and explained in detail the consequences and suggested we conduct specific tests promptly. The outcome of this study would be our deciding factor in purchasing this home.  Everything went perfect!  You have truly proven yourself as the ultimate Real Estate professional!
We have purchased properties in the past but we never experienced an agent that went above and beyond what the average agent ever did for us. Specifically when you showed up a month after closing when the oil tank was removed to make sure there were no underlying problems. Our experience with you by far was the very best. We are truly grateful that we found you online. We will highly recommend you to anyone looking for a buyer’s agent.

Jorge, Lyudmyla and Family – Electrical Engineer and Dental Hygienist


Patrick showed us just how substantial a difference a knowledgeable, experienced, and dedicated realtor can make in the home buying process. Patrick new the ins and outs of home buying and had a terrific feel for the market. As first-time home-buyers, Patrick helped familiarize us with the process and pointed out the key details to pay attention to within each home. Patrick provided valuable insight as my wife and I made our initial offer with several other buyers in a highly competitive market. His advice allowed us to position our offer very competitively without overshooting. Owing in good part to Patrick's advice, our offer was accepted. Without Patrick's tactics and advice, I'm convinced our offer would not have been accepted.
Later, the home appraisal came in lower than the home's selling price. Patrick explained in detail our options in the case of a low appraisal and put forth a plan to go back to the seller with a revised offer. After several rounds of negotiation, during which we followed Patrick's advice closely, our revised offer was accepted. Not only did Patrick's plan prevent us from losing the property, it also helped us negotiate a price reduction on the original offer. In this phase, Patrick really differentiated himself from the rest of the realtors we first previewed properties with. I doubt the other realtors would have had the awareness and skill to strategize and put together a plan like Patrick did for us.
My wife and I were greatly impressed with Patrick’s reviews and could not have been more fortunate to have met Patrick and worked with him as our realtor. As a testament to his dedication, Patrick contacted us during Super Bowl LI after we requested information about a property. His level of dedication from that first call to the close never wavered. Erin and I can't thank him enough as we now live in a beautiful home in a great town. In Patrick, we made a friend for life. I firmly believe we worked with one of the most knowledgeable and skilled realtors in NJ, and we highly recommend Patrick for your property needs.

Matthew, Erin and Family. Certified Public Accountant and Professional Tennis Coach.


We worked with Patrick Baratta to purchase our home in Cresskill. Patrick is the ultimate real estate professional. He helped us every step of the way from the moment we met him at the open house all the way through closing. Patrick went above and beyond to ensure that we were happy and that everything was going smoothly. Patrick answered any questions we had at ANY time and he was a great advocate for us with our purchase. Patrick also made great recommendations with a real estate attorney and mortgage provider. We were able to lock in a very competitive rate on our mortgage. Patrick advised us on everything to look for during the home inspection process and has a series of individual inspectors that were beneficial to us. When several issues were discovered during the home inspection and the appraisal process, Patrick was instrumental in getting us estimates and a seller's credit at closing to cover the repairs. When sellers were tardy on town inspection issues, Patrick stepped in and brought us back on track to meet our closing date. Patrick is extremely knowledgeable, resourceful and has a great attitude. We cannot recommend him enough to anybody looking to sell or buy a home.

Suzanne - Financial Executive


  My husband and I had the privilege of working with Patrick Baratta as our realtor when looking to purchase a home in Elmwood Park, New Jersey. Patrick is very professional and personable. He clearly takes pride in doing a good job. Patrick’s knowledge about real estate is multi-faceted and he is most certainly able to do more than the average agent. He knows his market extremely well; he is diligent, responsive, and yet very patient with his clients. In our particular case as a buyer, there were many rough spots on the road to closing and in every instance, Patrick was a great help. We appreciated his ability to advise us post home inspection, he was there to help and support us in every possible way. We would not hesitate to recommend Patrick Baratta to any person who is looking to buy or sell a home, as well as seeking his service in any of our future real estate transactions. We can't thank you enough for your professionalism, expertise, and hard work in helping us find our home in Elmwood Park. We love our home, the neighborhood, and the community! Thanks again and best regards. 

Edwin and Julia - Pharmaceutical Sales and Financial Credit Rep  


It was a pleasure to have Patrick Baratta as our buying realtor. He is a true professional, very knowledgeable, and always has good and honest suggestions. His construction background is extremely helpful, particularly to first-time home buyers like us. Patrick showed us all the new construction homes in Fort Lee where we wanted to live. He was quick to point out the quality of the building materials used by the builders and compared the craftsmanship from one to the other. Patrick is very efficient. Amazingly, he did research on every single house he showed us, and we had a good idea of the strength and weakness of the houses we looked at. Patrick is always accessible, returning calls even late at night. We are very pleased with the whole process of working with Patrick, from identifying the best house, negotiating a reduction in the sales price with the builder to getting advice on attorney and mortgage provider. You are in good hands if you choose Patrick Baratta. Thank you. 

Junqiang - Associate Research Scientist at Columbia University


Looking for a home is both an exciting and frightening experience. The people needed to help you through the process are crucial to making sure that your experience is a great one. Choosing a realtor is extremely important as you want to select someone that is highly recommended and is good at their job. Patrick Baratta was recommended to us by friends who had recently purchased a house with his help. From the moment we met Patrick he was welcoming. He made the house hunting process enjoyable and educational. Patrick is well-versed in construction, which is an added bonus for a realtor. When we would enter a property Patrick would point out flaws in a house regardless of how much I loved it. This was great because as a new potential homeowner there were many aspects of a home that I did not understand. He was always very patient and willing to answer my endless questions. I saw over 80-90 properties and never felt rushed to make a decision. Patrick served as an expert adviser who was always available to ease my anxiety.

One of my happiest days throughout this process was when I received a call from Patrick informing me that my offer was accepted. Patrick's guidance continued in this second phase of home buying. He assisted in finding a trustworthy home inspector and always made it a point to check in on how the loan process was going. If you are looking for an amazing realtor who is honest and patient, Patrick Baratta is your guy. 

Elizabeth, Joey and Family - Elementary School Teacher and Retail Manager

We have been working with Patrick Baratta as our realtor for the last four to five months. It has been such an amazing experience to work with him. He is so wonderful to see properties with. He picked so many different types of properties and then he narrowed it down to things he knew we would like and he pointed things out that we would not have seen ourselves. Like construction and maintenance issues and things that would probably cost us money later on. It has been just a pleasure to work with him. He is so responsive with everything and getting this far along in the process, everything has been great. Patrick also helped us negotiate almost 20% off on our property. It has been just a fantastic experience. You should definitely use him if you are considering a realtor. 

Randolph and Elizabeth - Construction Management NYC 

To All home Buyers! We have been trying to buy a home for some time and we were looking at properties with different realtors, and we were not satisfied at all with their protocol and making us feel pressured. After renting for so long, we finally met Patrick Baratta last spring. We loved his work since we met him. Patrick has a charisma that gets you right away. Patrick has made us feel comfortable and he never pressured us to purchase any home, not once. He understood our necessities and what we were looking for since day one. He sticks to your budget and works hard to find you what are you looking for. No matter how many homes he has to show you, he is committed to getting you the home of your dreams. Patrick is a professional realtor but at the same time, he treats you like family. Patrick has a lot of knowledge and skills from his construction background. You can ask him anything you want from the simplest questions to the most complicated questions like renovations, electricity, construction, and gardening.

Patrick showed us so many homes and never got tired of it. Every time that we did not like a home, he encouraged us to continue looking until we get the home we wanted. We are a picky couple and a little hard to please, but he never gave up. Finally, in December he showed us our dream home. Patrick reviewed the home as if he was buying it for his own family. He gave us ideas and suggestions on renovations and upgrading the electrical panel and he negotiated a great price for us. Patrick introduced us to a mortgage broker who happened to be a great one. He also recommended inspectors who also did a great job and suggested we do different tests on the house so we felt secure buying the home. Patrick was on top of everything throughout the closing process. We called him many times and he always answered the phone, responding our email and text messages promptly.


Elena, Luis and Family - Paralegal

Our home buying experience with Realtor Patrick Baratta. Our current landlord decided to put our house for sale and we had to find a home at a moment’s notice. I found Patrick Baratta on Zillow and from my first phone call, Patrick made me feel comfortable and he was very conscientious in helping us find our first home. Patrick always kept to our budget and he showed us home after home until we found the perfect one. Patrick negotiated a great price for us and recommended a great attorney and mortgage broker who gave us many options to purchase. We were very impressed with Patrick’s real estate knowledge and how quick he was to point out the imperfections in each home. Patrick worked in the construction field before becoming a Realtor. Patrick can alert you to problems before making an offer on a home. What a bonus! Patrick was always available to answer my questions whenever I called. From beginning to end, everything went smooth and he has always been a gentlemen and conscious of our concerns. Thank you, Patrick! 

Christine and Andrew Physical Therapist and Registered Nurse

I would like to thank Patrick Baratta for his tremendous help and professionalism in locating and investment property for my wife and I to purchase in Riverdale and his expertise in negotiating a $45,000 reduction off the selling list price of this property. In addition, I need to thank Patrick also for a reservoir of professionals with home inspections and a company to locate an underground oil tank that was told was not there, and in fact was. Patrick educated us on the potential environmental hazards with this issue and he negotiated with the listing agent for the sellers to remove the oil tank at their expense. Patrick is a true professional in every sense of the word and he has always put our interest and concerns first. We value Patrick's opinion and he has enabled us to enhance and increase our portfolio by this acquisition as a rental property for our portfolio.

Terry and Mark Charnet- CEO - American Prosperity Group. Pompton Plains


Dear Patrick – Thank you so much for all of your hard work and serious efforts in helping us find our “dream house”! We know we challenged you with our needs, likes/dislikes and our budget . You were always so patient with us….after looking at over 80 houses – we finally found “the one”! Along the way you taught us what to look for in regards to good structure/good building materials and you pointed out things to us that we were too naïve to even know about as first time home buyers. Thank you for being honest with us when you saw potential problems you educated us on our options that prevented us from making mistakes. You made us feel comfortable knowing you wanted us to find the right home. Your professionalism and honesty are truly appreciated and you will always have our recommendation to potential clients. We have already given out your card to a few friends that have mentioned they want to start looking at homes next Spring.

Shannon & Lourdes -- Cooking Channel TV Show Host “Big Bad BBQ Brawl” and Executive Assistant.


Thank you Patrick Baratta! Our experience with buying our first home went very smooth. Patrick has made us feel very comfortable with the entire process from the moment we met him a few months ago at an open house. Patrick has treated us like family and has a lot of patience and he never pressured us to buy any home like we experienced with several other realtors before meeting Patrick. When Patrick showed us homes he pointed out the positive features and negative problems with the homes he showed us. When we found our dream home Patrick went right to bat for us and negotiated a great price and was on top of everything throughout the inspection process through closing. It was a great experience for us and we highly recommend Patrick Baratta.

Giovanni, Carlos and Olga Retail Banking